Staff Portal

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Staff Portal

View Profile

Employees and Teachers can view their personal profile and suggest edits. Profile contains personal, contact and other details.

Leave Application

Employees can apply for leave from their dashboard. The manager will have to approve leave. Employee can also view their remaining leave.

View Pay Slip

Employee can view their monthly payslip to know about their salary details.

School Calendar

There is a school calendar view that anyone can access from the dashboard which shows important events in the institution.

Personal Time -table

Teachers can view the time-table that is applicable to their duties and responsibilities.

Messaging System

There is an integrated messaging system through which employees can communicate with parents and students.

Student Details

If sufficient privilege is given, teachers can view details of students and view their reports.

Examination Details

Teachers can enter the results of the examination conducted for his/her subjects. The updated results will be available in student's dashboard.